John Zorn Premiere

JOHN ZORN À REBOURS for solo cello and nine players

written for Fred Sherry, commissioned by the Tanglewood Music Center

World Premiere August 4, 2011, Tanglewood

New York Premiere December 9, 2011, Miller Theater

“À Rebours” ….. makes the most of its participants’ modernist virtuoso pedigrees; Sherry was particularly impressive, riding a rollercoaster of shifting perspectives and muscular arpeggios with élan. —Musical America, Dec. 2011

After an intermission and an onstage interview with an amiably devilish Mr. Zorn conducted by the cellist Fred Sherry, [conductor Brad] Lubman ... returned for “À Rebours,” a compact concerto Mr. Zorn wrote for Mr. Sherry. Conceived as a tribute to Gyorgy Ligeti, the 10-minute piece evokes Ligeti’s nervy energy, extended palette and sly stylistic suggestions. Still, its episodic structure, bustling energy and brilliant instrumental vocabulary are unmistakably Mr. Zorn’s, and the work’s pensive epilogue is among his most unabashedly beautiful creations. —The New York Times, Dec. 2011