A Grand Tour of Cello Technique

Fred Sherry's book represents a truly unique way of explaining the choregraphy of the cello.
-Richard Aaron

This book is for the cellist who wants to know how all twelve   pitches relate, who wants to play perfect triads and seventh chords and then wander off the map, who wants to nail tough thythms, chromatic scales and wild apreggios--in short, a master course in musicianship.
-Jeremy Denk

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A book like this one is long overdue. This is a treatise for the 21st-century cellist which--most importantly--does not take tonality as a given. Fred Sherry--a major player on the American cello scene for the past five decades who has worked closely with composers Carter, Babbitt and Wuorinen--takes the student through the techniques they need to play music written right up to the present day. "Enjoy!" says Sherry at the end of his "Letter to Teachers," and although it's not for the faint-hearted, the book contains plenty to allow you to do just that.
--Janet Banks (see complete review in THE STRAD November 2018)

There is certainly no more qualified cellist for such a project than Fred Sherry, one of the most versatile artists of this or any other era, who teaches at Juilliard, Mannes, and Manhattan conservatories and has worked closely with Boulez, Knussen, and a Who's Who of American composers. His offering is full of clever ideas and theory, and he writes with charming informality.....the mind behind these brain-teasers and finger-twisters is an impressive, encyclopedic one, and anyone who has the hundreds of hours and the focus needed to master them will feel like a cello behomoth.
--Robert Battey (see complete review in STRINGS magazine December 2018)